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Kods:BKP 595    Lodger BKP 595 Bunker BotAnimal (Parrot)

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  • In the world of baby products the Bunker is an absolute hype for obvious reasons. This nice and soft four season’s foot-muff is suitable for every pram, buggy or group 0+ car seat, and you can also use the Bunker from the day your child is born until the age of three years. Other comparative foot-muffs are mostly useful for one year.
  • The Bunker works by wrapping your baby. By using this wrapping method the Bunker is more practical than other foot-muffs with zippers. Once your child can sit on it’s own you can wrap the parts of fleece simply around him or her.

  • The Bunker opens completely and easily using Velcro; no more scrabbling for shoes. socks or bits of buscuit at the bottom of your foot-muff. Even when your child does make a mess, the fleece is made of 100% polyester, easily washable and quick drying.

  • Fleece is a highly breathable material, supporting great air circulation and moisture regulation so you don’t have to worry about your child being too warm. The foot-muff is also waterproof. The multi-season foot-muff is provided with holes for a 5-point harness for prams, buggy’s and group 0+ movable chairs. You can transport your child always very safely. The inner lining and the inside of the outer fleece are colour-matched.

  • This multi-season foot-muff is made out of two parts: a soft, plush, removable inner lining and a warm fleece outer shell. This unique combination makes the Bunker suitable in all weather conditions. With the lining inside the fleece it is suitable for cold, damp, chilly days. If it is less cold, you can use the fleece by itself. Finally, you can use the lining as a soft and warm seat cover for your pram, buggy or car seat.

  • Features:
    ***Suitable from birth – 3 years approx
    ***100% polyester fleecefram
    ***5-point harness holes.

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